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Are you looking for a patient-centered outcome measure that captures what is most important to patients while generating clinically meaningful efficacy and effectiveness data?

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Goal Attainment Scaling is an Individualized Assessment of Quality of Life

GAS is the original patient-centric outcome measure to capture the patient voice.

GAS goes beyond traditional PROMs to capture what is important to patients in a way that is interpretable to sponsors and clinicians.

We Streamline & Simplify GAS Implementation

Ardea offers end-to-end goal attainment scaling support.

GAS Education & Training:

KOL Advisory Boards

Sponsor Workshops

Investigator Meetings

Research Personnel Webinars

E-Learning Modules

GAS Manuals

GAS Study Support

GAS Instrument & App Development:

Qualitative Research with Patients

Instrument Development

Cultural & Linguistic Validation Coordination

Pilot, Feasibility and Validation Studies

Psychometric Property Evaluation

GAS Study Support:

GAS Protocols & Statistical Analysis Plans

Study Implementation Planning

GAS Support and Data Management

Quality Assurance for Goals

GoalNav™ Electronic Data Capture System

Data Analysis & Results Dissemination


Our electronic data capture system, and the GoalNav™ method, operationalize Goal Attainment Scaling in clinical trials and real world studies, with a user-friendly interface and stepwise approach to set, score and follow up on individual patient goals.

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Local with a global impact

Based in Nova Scotia, our culture reflects an East Coast Canadian ethos rooted in hard work and collegiality.

With over a decade of experience partnering with multinational sponsors on cutting-edge patient-centric research, the impact of our work is global.

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