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Do you aspire to support your patient communities with innovative apps that generate quantitative and qualitative real world evidence to better meet your patients’ needs?

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We turn anecdote into evidence

Our quantitative and qualitative approach to real world evidence leads to clinically meaningful data and a better understanding of an intervention’s efficacy and effectiveness.

We specialize in capturing RWE from patients and caregivers through purpose built apps designed for chronic, complex therapeutic areas.

RWE Experience



Parkinson’s Disease

Down Syndrome-Associated Alzheimer Disease


Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel Disorders

RWE Services

Instrument Development

RWE Data Capture

Patient Support Programs

Patient Registry Studies

Post-Market Approval Studies

Patient Advocacy Research

Semi-Standardized QOL Assessments


myGoalNav™ is a patient-centric digital application providing patient and caregiver support while generating disease-specific real world evidence around symptoms and behaviors.

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Local with a global impact

Based in Nova Scotia, our culture reflects an East Coast Canadian ethos rooted in hard work and collegiality.

With over a decade of experience partnering with multinational sponsors on cutting-edge patient-centric research, the impact of our work is global.

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