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Improving health outcomes, one patient at a time

We integrate the patient voice in clinical development and post-market research helping sponsors and payers to focus on what matters most to patients.

Our Model is Goal Attainment Scaling

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS), an individual patient-centric outcome measure translates the patient voice into clinically meaningful quantitative evidence.

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Goal Attainment Scaling​

A proven outcome measure that generates a quantitative score to evaluate efficacy and qualitative data to inform effectiveness from the patient’s perspective.

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Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

A strategic and individualized approach to patient-centric outcomes research to satisfy regulator, payer, clinician, and patient evidence requirements.

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Real World Evidence

Practical Real World Evidence stemming from clinically meaningful data captured directly from patients and caregivers through our innovative apps.

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A proven track record as the research partner of choice for sponsors committed to a truly patient-centric approach. Our products and services enable our partners to meet the most rigorous regulator, payer, clinician, and patient evidence requirements.

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Local with a global impact

Based in Nova Scotia, our culture reflects an East Coast Canadian ethos rooted in hard work and collegiality.

With over a decade of experience partnering with multinational sponsors on cutting-edge patient-centric research, the impact of our work is global.

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